1. Carefully reconstruct the story of the movie, and note which events and elements of that story are explicitly presented in the movies plot.
2. Keep track of nondiegetic elements that seem essential ti the movies plot (voice-overs, for example). Do they seem natural and appropriate to the film, or do they appear to be Tracked onto make up for a shortcoming in the overall presentation of the movies narrative?
3. Are the plot events presented in chronological order? What is the significance of the order of plot events in the movie.
4. Keep track of the major and minor events in the movies plot. Are any of the minor events unnecessary to the movie overall? If these events were removed from the movie, would it be a better movie? Why?
5. Are there scenes that create a noticeable summary relationship between story duration and screen duration? Do these scenes complement or detract from overall narrative? Are you given all the information about the underlying story that you need in these scenes to understand what has happened in the elapsed story time?
6. Do any scenes use real time or a stretch relationship between story duration and screen duration? If so, what is the significance of these scenes to the overall narrative?
7. Is any major plot event presented onscreen more than once? If so, why do you think the filmmaker has chosen to use repetition of the event?
8. Who is the movies protagonist? Who are the major character? Can you characterize each of the according to their depth (round characters versus flat) and motivation?
9. How do the setting and the scope of the narrative complement the other elements?
10. What is the narration of the movie? does it use a narrator of any kind?
11. What are the differences among omniscient, restricted, and unrestricted narration?