Lengarry Glen Ross film review and analysis

Hello dear writer

Please write a film review and analysis for Glengarry Glen Ross film with the slides I posted in the attachment above.

please, use the sources that in the attachments and the ppts too.
It is about politics and power.. etc.

this is the link for the film


It is 2 hours film

just got more info from the prof and what the analysis should be You should increase the number of pages to 7 pages instead of 3 and I will pay the different..

Please check the attachment above for the articles that you should use in the paper.. (6-7 pages)

This is his message to use

Watch the ABC scene (the first scene). What sources of power do the characters have? Who is the most powerful?

For the case, provide a brief synopsis of the scene, then identify the characters and the power that they have. Choose the most powerful and support your choice using the readings. You can use any of the readings we have discussed to date, but try to integrate the reading we will discuss next week. In brief they outline the 5 Newways to use power and 4 dimensions of power.

Please do not forget to use the articles that I sent you in the paper .

Please, do it well and you should use the ppts that I will send you.. (check the attachment)

Thanks you very much.