Lens and Artifact) from Letter from Birmingham Jail& Antigone”

Martin Luther King offers an elaborate theory of the practice of civil disobedience. This theory receives its fullest expression in Letter from Birmingham Jail”. What is Kings theory on proper civil disobedience? To what extent does Antigones defiance of Creons edict conform to or depart from the features of Kings theory? The aim of this assignment is to engage in the process of summary and application (or lens and artifact). You must write clear, detailed summary of Kings notion of civil disobedience, being sure to blend ideas from Letter From Birmingham Jail”. Next, you must MeasureAntigones crime against the state in terms of the key features of Kings theory–distinguishing between just and unjust law, engaging in dialogue and negotiation, ensuring self-purification.

The 2 sources required for this essay is:
1) Letter from Birmingham Jail
2) Antigone