Leopatra VII The Last Pharaoh of Egypt: How Her Past Affected Her Rule over Egypt and the History of Western Civilization

Research Paper on Cleopatra VII; the last Macedonian Queen and Pharaoh of Egypt, rise to power and how it is relevant to the history of Western Civilization. Focusing on her relationships with her family lovers and how those interactions affected the way she ruled Egypt. Shed light on her relationship with her father; Ptolemy the Flute Player, two brothers and co-rulers (one of which she may have had murdered); Ptolemy XIII and Ptolemy XIV, sister (who she had murdered); Arsine, and lovers; Caesar and Marc Antony. Discuss the ruthless nature she exhibited when it came to her family and how she used that to secure her position as Pharaoh of Egypt. How she attempted to used her son; Caesarion, to create a strong alliance with Rome.