Lessandro Boticellis The Birth of Venus

The Birth of Venus Research Paper

1) A relationship exists between art forms and sexual values found in different societies.
2) Historically we can examine these values by viewing them through the window of art.
3) Art can also be used to influence and give direction to our sexual values, as well as reflect those values.

1) Examine the relationship between visual art and the prevailing sexual values in one of the following historical periods and…
2) Compare the periods sexual values with the visual art produced.

This paper should provide:
1) Information that identifies the prevailing social institutions and how these institutions might shape the art forms and sexual values.
2) Establish a connection between what was portrayed in visual art and what was valued sexually.

References Minimum 6 texts, professional journals footnotes/endnotes with page numbers where appropriate.

This assignment involves 3 elements:
1) The historical background component
2) The art of the times
3) Sexual values/practices