Letter one a hypothetical student (2) a decisionmaker

Week 3: Letters, Memos, and E-mail; Audience Analysis; Routine, Good-News, and Goodwill Messages P3 (Letters)

Assignment #3, Letters

Grade: 15%

Potential audience: Part 1: A hypothetical student. Part 2: A decisionmaker.


Letter 1: One of your many duties as personnel manager at Steadfast, Inc., is to administer the Educational Assistance Plan (EAP). The EAP provides for the reimbursement of tuition expenses to any employee who earns a grade of C or better in any preapproved college course. Jack Sommers, an hourly employee, has submitted a request form for reimbursement for a preapproved psychology course that he recently completed. You call the registrar at the college and learn that Jack earned a D for the course. This was the first college course that Jack has taken. Write a letter in which you deny Jacks request for reimbursement. Be tactful but firm, and put it on one page.

Letter 2: Write a letter recommending (persuading the reader to adopt) a course of action to solve a problem or exploit an opportunity in your workplace. Apply appropriate techniques to make your recommendation persuasive, including online research information. Use any letter format in your text. Length: 2-3 pages.

You may discuss only the research, organization, and style of this assignment; you are encouraged to do that with your classmates online, via E-mail and our conference.

Criteria for excellence:

Focus on purpose and audience.

Creativity in depicting research and thoughts.

Sufficiency of research.

Clarity of controlling idea.

Communicating intent to audience.

Absence of Speed bumpsin grammar, mechanics, and spelling.