Levating Brand Values Through Corporate Social Responsibility in China a A Study on Sporting Goods Companies

Suggestions for modification:

1. Research Question on Page7 needs to rephrase. You only know the consumers and employees perceptions, rather than how they market strategy. So, it will feel your research question and your research methods are not associated.

2. The Literature Review needs to add a section, discussing CSR and branding, or relations between CSR and consumers. So you can have better association with the topic issue you have been discussing.

3. Two companies CSR activities need to have more detailed description.

4. Survey section requires very detailed explanation: What is the purpose of your use of the questionnaire? How do you find these 200 individuals, in which how many consumers, how many employees? What is the questionnaire content to consumers and employees? Are they different? How do they answer the questionnaire? What do you find in these questionnaires? You have to have the empirical results page [Detailed and specific survey results]. As for the company representative survey, change the name of the survey to Open ending interview”, it needs 5-10 people to answer, and analyze the findings and result. ?We should have 200 consumers and 5-10 company representatives?

5. The conclusion part you can try to be more collective to discuss your findings, and how these findings could risk existing CSR studies.

6. I think the empirical part (point 3 and 4) is most important. The currently writing is easy to make reviewers feel that you did not do your research and writing seriously.