Lever Marketing for Luxury Goods in the Fashion Industry

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Dear Team,
i will need to handle this dissertation by the middle of May.
My topic is: Clever Marketing for Luxury Goods in the Fashion Industry.
My ideas/aims were to research how from super exclusivity the super brands reached the point of mass production and using marketing to survive rather than exclusivity as it used to be beforefor example Dior in 1947 when he started his 1st collection, the approach he had and the vision and the designers from his class.(Coco Chanel, Balenciaga, etc;)
Today for contrast we can look at very talented designers
which can not survive only with talent. In our days they all need strong chowder to relay on for financial supportand marketing, and 99% of them are forced to share profits with the big luxury groups like Gucci group and LVMH group and for exchange the brand increase sales through marketing.
examples: Gucci, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, YSL, Fendi etc;-owned by Gucci Group; John Galliano for Dior, Marc Jacobs for Luis Vuiton, etc.owned by LVMH Group
The Reason is the Clever marketing and strategies this financial group are using in order to gain profitability and to keep the brand alive.
targeting mass markets through perfumes, accessories ( which are affordable for the masses)we can look from the both sides of such a strategies, very effective in a short term(profits), but may destroy the image of the brand in a long term (comparison, opinion, examplesthe bed experience Gucci faced years ago while still family run business)
LVMH luxury group vs Gucci group vs Richemont groupcomparison: strategies, visions for success…so on;
Why LVMH are the most successful and profitable form all?

-Does customer knowledge affect all this changes in the luxury industry, how?

Branding how does effect on consumer purchase decision?

-How does marketing will affect luxury goods in a future?

I would like to have some suggestions from the writer as well, so we can structure the Table of contents, what should be there what shouldnat be.

After, we can develop each chapter.

Is it possible to look at the marketing strategy used in the research from a business point?

I will be also happy to hear suggestions from the writer, and advice me with the structure as well as i will forward my suggestions.

Thank you in advance.

pp: Good Literature about Luxury Goods, Fashion Buying and MerchandisingDavid Shaw and Tim Jakcson