Lex Schweder and His Practice-Flatland ( Precedent Report )

I will upload the brief after i have placed my order.
For now i have type out some guidelines with how the report can look like.

1Talk about why it is important to look at Flatland and reasons for choosing in short. Which way is it interesting and how does it allows us to understand more about the society and relationship between human?

2-Describing how the Flatland inspires us and what potentials does it show or allows us to learn.

3-The PracticeAlex Schweder
A bit of bio, His work in general, his vision in architecture and in which ways does his work could reflect our society(whether good or bad), the human relations. And what inspires him.

4-A buildingFlatland
Talk about how this project could potentially be a solution ( or an experimentation) to slums around the world? ( Because this report is also about how his work could help my learning and my current project which is in short about slums in Hong Kong where up to 10+ people are cramped up inside a small space, where their movements and activities are restricted, the contrast where Hong Kong as a multi national business centre, spaces like these still exist and its inevitable. My aim is to recreate meditation spaces where one could feel calm and not get affected by tight and small surroundings. This report doesnt have to talk about my current project, but see if you could relate the Flatland project to slums and how the artist that lived inside the Flatland.) In which ways you see the experiment could relate to problems of the reality of scarce spaces within big cities with growing population.
And the meaning behind the experiment.

5DetailFlatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions( Novel)
Discuss how this novel could also relate with what i discussed above and how it indirectly inspired the project Flatland. Try to analyse the novel in an architectural perspective and thus how this novel inspires our way of thinking of human relations etc.

Possibly include some own analysis in a designers perspective(not internet information) at the end of each part and give the report a conclusion. And it should include pictures here and there (which will be explained in the brief)

Please please ask if you have any questions. I hope to have it reviewed asap before deadline.

Thank you very much!