Lexander the Great and Egypt, c.300 BCE

The paper must contain the following elements:

1. Historical Argument: Propose an argument that answers the prompt. There should be a strong thesis statement connected to historical evidence
2. Historical Interactions: Using your knowledge of the time period and your topic, analyze the interactions between the major powers of the civilization in support of your thesis statement. What were the changes/impact on the economy, politics, and culture? Who benefitted and who did not?
a. Historical Interaction: Economy: Compare and contrast the economic changes that resulted from the cultural interaction.
b. Historical Interaction: Politics: Discuss political changes and impacts that resulted from the cultural interaction.
c. Historical Interaction: Culture: What were the cultural changes and impact?
3. Source Analysis: You must select primary and secondary sources in support of your thesis statement. Critically examine the resources in context with your paper topic. Remember, this is not based on opinion, but rather this is your analysis of the historical content and context. Your source methodology supports your thesis statement.

Here are the central questions you are to address. Remember that the answer to your central question is your THESIS STATEMENT:
Every significant historical interaction among different societies involves a tradeoff in terms of economy, politics, and culture. What did each party in your selected interaction gain and lose as a result? Do you see a power dynamic at play in your interaction, or did both sides benefit and lose in equal measure?”

a? Double-spaced and in a standard 12-point font
a? Chicago-style footnotes used as a citation method
a? A thesis statement that directly addresses the prompt
a? Thesis is supported in each paragraph with specific examples from primary or secondary sources. At least one primary source must be selected. There must be a total of five sources.
a? Free from grammatical errors and has been proofread for style

Referencing Requirements:
Below are the formal requirements for the annotated bibliography:

a? Include at least five primary or secondary sources that will be cited in the final draft. One primary source must be selected
a? Cite these sources in Chicago-style bibliographic format
a? For each source, give a brief description (one to two sentences) of the sourceas contents and explain briefly (one to two sentences) how it will be used in the final draft