Lexible labour markets are the solution to unemployment.Examine this statement in relation to the EUs employment strategy.

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14. Examine the role of the EU in dealing with gender inequalities in employment and
15. Examine the relationship between technical change and employment, and assess
the implications for employment policy in the EU.
17. Why do some countries have lower unemployment rates than others? Discuss in
relation to at least TWO EU Member States.
18.  An economic giant and a political mouse. Is this a valid description of the EU as
an international actor?
19. Assess the prospects for the development of a common foreign policy by the EU.
(Discuss either generally or with reference to at least two foreign policy issues).
20. Assess the significance for the development of the EU of the disagreements
between the member states over the transatlantic relationship. Discuss either
generally or with reference to particular policy disputes.
21. Explain at least two theories of West European Integration and evaluate their
contribution to an understanding of the development of the European Union.
22.  Neither parties of the Left or the Right have been able to transcend their national
environments in defining their attitudes or policies towards European Integration.
Discuss. (You may concentrate on either the Left or the Right if you wish)
24. Critically evaluate the policies of the EU towards the states of East Central Europe
between 1989 and 2004 either generally or with particular reference to at least two
countries in the region.
25. The smaller powers within the Union have recognised the reality of power in the
modern world and have welcomed integration, while the larger states have maintained
illusions of grandeur and have resisted threats to sovereignty. Is there any truth in
this generalisation?
(Discuss with reference to at least one larger and one smaller state).
26. The Schengen system and the third pillar demonstrate the intolerant and
discriminatory nature of the European Union. Discuss
27. Is a Europe of the Regions a realistic possibility?
28. Critically evaluate the nature and significance of the EU s approach to citizenship.

30. Is the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights agreed in December 2000 of any
31. How effective is the EUs social dimension? Discuss, either generally or with
reference to specific policies.
32.To what extent, and in what respects, has the EU facilitated the attainment of
gender equality?
33.  The EU has finally tackled the issue of racism in an effective way . Evaluate this
34. Discuss the role of the European Court of Justice and EC law as instruments of
integration. To what extent has a European constitution been created?
35.  The Maastricht treaty was a decisive step towards a supranational European
Union . Do you agree?
36. To what extent did the Amsterdam treaty address the democratic deficit of the
37. Does the proposed Constitution make any significant difference to the EU? (You
may, if you wish, concentrate on particular aspects of the Constitution).
38.  If the Constitution is not ratified, the EU will face a major crisis, rather than a
temporary set-back . Discuss.
39. What limits, if any, should be set to the extent of EU membership?