Lexible Manufacturing System Design, Modelling and Evaluation (RIMS)

The product family selected for this project is rims (wheels)

Problem statement: Consumersi?? demands have lead to the development of many product variants. This presents manufacturers with the challenge of updating / converting their manufacturing systems that were used primarily to produce one or two product variants in large quantities to make it possible to produce larger variety of the same products in varying, and generally less, volume per variant. One product family will be considered in this project.


The product family chosen for this project is rims (wheels)

The 4 general product variants categories per product chosen for this project are Material, Size, Design and Color.

The specific variants of the classified variants categories chosen for this project are:

Materialaluminum made rim
Size24 inch rim
DesignMulti spoke rim
Color i?? BLACK (powder coating)

These are the variants to be considered mainly in accomplishing this order. Basically all the following instructions are to be followed and written in accordance to a production process of an aluminum rim with a 24-inch size, a Multi spoke design and colored Black. Those being said, please write briefly regarding the variants categories in general.

Develop the Macro Process Plan (process steps, sequence and required machines and tools) foreach variant of the chosen product family: i) outline the manufacturing (fabrication and / or assembly) steps to produce the product in their logical sequence, ii) indicate the machines needed for each manufacturing step (name, type, main characteristics, etc.), and iii) estimate the overall time duration for each process step.

Discuss results

Suggest the most appropriate type of cells/systems to be used in producing the selected product
variants(manual, automated or hybrid) and recommend the preferred layout and justify these choices.

Research/assume the anticipated total annual production volume (rate) of each product variant to
be produced and determine the production capacity of the proposed system for single product

Make and clearly state educated assumptions regarding any required data with justification

NOTE: again all these instructions should only be dealing or applicable to the specific variants chosen. These are aluminum material rim, 24-inch size; Multi spoke rim and Black color rim. This is the product in the end result of the manufacturing process.