Lexis de Torqueville, Democracy in America 1835, 1840

What role does the concept of equality plays as Tocqueville think, in politics in American life, with regards to social class, race and gender? Using the right material from Democracy in America:

a) The striking Feature in the social condition of the AngloAmericans is that it is Essentially Democratic;
b) Political Consequences of the social state of the AngloAmericans;
c) Tyranny of the Majority;
d) The power Exercised by the majority in America over Thought; Situation of the black race in the United States; Dangers Entailed for the whites by Its Presence:
e) Education of the Girls in the United States.
f) How the American views the equality of the sexes.

How might Ida B Wells, A red Record following Tocqueville right. How did she vie Tocqueville?