Lexnder Nevsky: the defender of the Russian land

I have already started the paper and would like you to continue adding to it.Please create a smooth transition or complete the background of Nevsky before moving onto discussing him as the defender of the Russian Land Two important events that must be featured are the battle at the Neva River between Nevsky and the Swedes and the battle at Peipus lake between Nevsky and the teutonic Knights. It needs to total a minimum of seven pages. Additionally I will attach the submitted file to an email to my assigned writer with instructions from the professor to aid in clearing up the task. This counts as 80% of my grade so please help. Additionally this paper will be turned in to turnitin.com hence please ensure proper citation to avoid any pligarism as this would cause me to receive an F. Thank you for your help.

Sources in print or electronic versions should be used as well (use JSTOR or any other system).

Choose a research question and then elaborate on this.
Alexnder Nevsky as the defender of the Russian land?

If you want to speak about him as a saint then, choose the appropriate perspective.
In conclusions, say something about his image in movies, literature (if anything like this exists).

In other words, we do not need a biography.