Lexography or Solvent Recovery (choose just one of these two topics)

Choose either one of the topics that you see its easier to write about because now i just need an outline then later i will ask you to write the hole paper which include this outline.

Please remember that this is not meant to be a persuasive paper or one that makes original findings. A concise review of the topic you choose to discuss, how it relates to graphic information technology, why itas important, and what the authors you included in your literature search have to say about the topic should all be covered.

The selection of an appropriate topic and the corresponding outline for discussing what you wish to write about. The outline should describe the topic you chose and give a one or two sentence description of why you chose it. Then, please use Roman numerals and Arabic sub-numerals to outline the paper in terms of your opening statement about the topic, the major points of discussion you will use to illustrate the topic in your paper and the fact that you will conclude the paper with at least a summary of major points covered in the paper itself.

You might use one of those resources: