Lfred Hitchcocks Vertigo(movie review)

Items to consider as you draft essay: What was the theme of this film? What were the filmmakers trying to tell the audience about life? were they successful? Did you learn anything from this film? What?What did you like best/least about the movie? Why? Select an action performed by one of the characters in the film and explain why the character took that action.What motivated him or her? What di d this motivation have to do with the theme of the film? Who was your favorite character in the movie? Why? Analyze the use of music in the movie. Did it enhance the story the filmmakers were trying to tell? Did all of events portrayed in the film ring true? Describe the scenes you fond especially accurate. What uses of the camera emphasized the theme and the mood of the picture? What did the scenery and lighting lend or detract from the story line and why?

The paper itself: The intro. paragraph is fully developed(100 Words),coherent and smoothly leads to a concise and focused thesis which is the last sentence of this paragraph. the inro remark or the thesis contains the title of the film(placed in italics). The thesis is concise and presents a clear focus on the essays topic, whict is your point of view on the film. In other words,what is it about this film which makes it considered a classic today?

The first body paragraph provides a brief overview of the film.Do Not write an extended plot summary. The remaining body paragraphs are unified, coherent and appropriately structured paragraphs containing restricted topic sentences, primary and secondary supports. The secondary supports are specific examples and details from the film as well as research from outside sources. The essay is a combination of your ideas and smoothly integrated research you found frm the secondary sources. These paragraphs are 150-200words. MLA formata complete heading is placed in the upper left hand corner, and the title of the essay is centered. the essay is double spaced and each paragraph is indented The smoothly integrated research is from a minimum of 4 sources using appropriated MLA parenthetical documentation for all direct quotes, summary and paraphrase. The works Cited section is correctly formatted. Concluding paragraph is appropriately structured and brings closure to the essay(50+words)

For the heading:
My name: Karen Descent
Professor James ONeil
March 12,2012
Also will you please write KDescent1,KDescent2,KDescent3,KDescent4 at the top right top side of appropriate pages of the essay. Thank you!! Any questions please call me on my cell phone.