Lfred Wegener ideas about Continental drift

The class is Oceanography. He wants you to use your tectbook, dynamic earth.com, and other internet sources. 1.explain Wegeners ideas about continebtal drift, discuss the works of Kiyoo Wadati hugo benioff, hsrry hess, ronald dietz, and tuzo wilson and how they contributed to plate tectonics, explain your understanding of plate tecto.oi cs. BE SURE to include the concepts of seafloor spreading and divergent and convergent plate boundaries. What are the differences between the now discredited Continental driftconcept of Wegener and the played tectonic theory proposed by wilson? Based on your answers to part four then, what part of wegeners drift hypothesis proved accurate and what parts were in error? List and explain 3 pieces of evidence that auooort our concept of plate tectonics. One of the three MUST be an explanation of HOT SPOTS. For this paper u need three tefetences. For this paper they include: oceanogrsphy book dynamic earth website, any other website internet source must include full OURL of the site you visited. Use Infotrsc or search engines. I have to submit my paper to turnitin.com titled CD&PT DEADLINE IS MONDAY, JUNE 20th, 11:55 pm