Lice Walkers Short Story The Welcome TableEssay

Short Story Assignment
Using Alice Walker s short story  The Welcome Table write a well-developed essay that analyzes at least three literary elements of the story. Your essay should include an introduction that identifies the title and author of the story as well as a clear thesis statement. In addition, be sure that the body paragraphs contain topic sentences, specific examples from the story in addition to a concluding or segue sentence. (Remember: specific examples can oftentimes save an otherwise doomed essay!) Finally, your essay should have a conclusion that sums up the major points of the essay.

Double spaced, 1 inch margins
Times New Roman, 12 point font size
Works Cited page (MLA)

Summarizing story,
Referring to character by Mr. or Mrs. ONLY use last name after complete name has been acknowledged once,
1st person

Write in 3rd person