LiceA 3D Graphical Programming environmet to teach algorithm development and control structures

*Introductory paragraph on how students learn better with graphics.
*Problems with traditional courses in C++ and How a graphical tools addresses these problems.
*How Alice a 3D interatice environemnt developed by Stage 3 at Carnegie Mellon University has been used to teach programming (indicate characteristics that make Alice a viable option for teaching programming)
*What I am doing for my thesis? I am provide an alternative method for teaching introductory programming using a graphical environment , Alice, as opposed to the traditional textural based programming environment.
Questions that this thesis will ask:
Does the graphical environment improve the students ability to develop algorithms? and
Does the environment enhance the students understanding of programming control structures (sequence, repetition, and selection).

*Overview of studies that have used Alice as a mechanism for teaching programming concepts and include results.
*The use of pair programming.

What are the benits of using graphical environments (namely Alice vs. C++)