Lient Study Assignment (Based on Risk Assessment)

I will attach the specific guidelines for the assignment. The assignment is to undertake a risk assessment, utilising recognised framesworks, on a selected client. Apply and analyse ethical , legal and professional concepts to risk assessment and care planning, apply and analyse appropriate nursing/other theory and apply appropriate research findings. We must concentrate on one risk assessment only and although other risk assessment tools can be briefly mentioned we must not compare. The main focus is to apply and analyse. The assignment should contain a definition of risk, risk assessment and risk management and must comment on how risk assessment is part of/complements the nursing process. There should be some biographical data on one selected patient and a clear rationale should be given of how one area of care was chosen to discuss risk assessment, how the risk assessment was identified for the patient,(was a tool/framework used, In some short stay areas a broader framework maybe used. Was it ward protocol to use this framework? The application of the tool to the chosen patient, giving scorings where appropriate. Re-evaluations of risk, how often? Changes? implicaitons for management? Was the risk sucesfully managed? if not why? professional, legal and ethical aspects. Was the practice in concordance with the RA tool?(evidence based/literature). If not how may it be improved, Were there issues of poor assessment/inter-rater reliability. Implications for future practice/on going education.
In the assignment we must NOT be descriptive,
analysis and application is required,
we must NOT discuss the RA tool rather than the risk assessment itself,
we must NOT discuss the chosen subject itself (ie Pressure sores etc).
The placement I was in was the cataract centre, which deals with pre assessment for day surgery, and day surgery itself for straight forward cataract surgery, there is no RAs performed there other than the Cataract Care Pathway, at pre assessment. I have been able to work on a ward at the eye hospital for one day, although once again there was no RAs undertaken as the patients were only day case. I was going to invent a patient who would need a pressure sore risk assessment and was going to give her condition as a corneal ulcer which would require a longer term stay however, I would be most grateful if you could suggest a RA yourself for this assignment. Unfortunately I have to attend a funeral on Tuesday, therefore will unlikely be able to address any emails until Thursday when I return. Therefore if you require any further info, I will be leaving Monday 11.00am and if poss could you address any queries before then, if not I understand and will address anything on Thursday.
I seem to be having trouble uploading the specific guidelines therefore they are as follows:

You are required to write an account of the care of a patient with which you have been involved, focusing on risk assessment in its broadest sense.

Specific Guidelines:

Introduce the work to be addressed and briefly outline the structure of the essay.

Identify what is meant by the term risk assessment

the discussion must analyse/evaluate one aspect of the care of a patient with acute illness, provided via the risk assessment outlined.

Undertake a literature review pertaining to the chosen area for care evaluation, in order to support your evaluation for the use of that tool.

Demonstrate the skills of evidence-based nursing through the critical evaluation of the care given/received. This should be in relation to the chosn area only and not the total care receivedd. Citing pertinent research and showing an understanding of its significance for practice should be integral. Critique of this research is not a requirement.

Identify, with reference to the literature and care review, how and why the care might have been modified.

The student must demonstrate how the identified aspects may influence the quality of nursing care in general and for the selected patient.

Identify how your conclusions will influence your future practice.

Maintain confidentiality. The description of the incident should not coontain any names of people or places ot any date or precise times.

The presentation should be in academic style.

harvard referencing, no bibliography is required just direct references.