Limate change adaption by the ecosystem.

Dear writer, Please read these instructions given to us by the faculty. They are not individual questions, they are more like step by step linkage of the research paper. Feel free to choose any area of the world which has been affected due to climate change. Please choose an area or a region affected by climate change carefully. We are focusing on all aspects environment which are affected (i.e. the entire eco system)

For the references we are instructed to use peer reviewed journal articles only.

1. Identify and specify a geographic region, either in Australia or elsewhere, at a scale at least as large as a single local government area, but not so large as an entire continent.

2. List what you consider to be the most critical aspect or aspects of climate change in that region over a time span of approximately the next 50 years, specifying both the predicted changes to the physical environment and the consequences, if any, for the biological and human environments (5 marks).

3. Quantify the expected changes (i.e. impacts) as far as you can; explain why you think they will occur and why you consider them particularly critical; and if you have identified more than one relevant change, rank them in order of priority in terms of human adaptation and response, giving reasons briefly (5 marks).

4. Specify what measures could be taken, within the geographic region itself, to adapt and respond to these predicted changes; what these measures could achieve and how (5 marks)

5. Identify, as far as you can, what individuals or organisations would have rights and/or responsibilities to undertake the adaptation or response measures you have identified, and how they would obtain funding or other resources to do so (i.e. who is responsible and who pays? ) (3 marks)

6. Identify, as far as possible, who would have most to lose from the predicted changes you are considering, and who would have the most to gain from the proposed adaptation measures or responses. If relevant, consider social and environmental as well as economic and financial costs and benefits (4 marks).

7. How likely do yo think it is that your proposed adaptation measures would or will actually be adopted? what would the likely consequences if they are not? (3 marks)

Please note : 5 marks will be awarded for following instructions above, presentation, spelling & grammar a short information-rich report like this should be well edited, highly polished, clear and error free. Please do not exceed the word count any more then 1000 to 1100 words.