Limate Change and window designs & locations

The purpose of this assignment is to design a research project on a topic related to Architectural, addressing of the following:

Climate Change and window designs & locations

You need to describe how you would conduct this research by developing either a research question, describing potential data collection methods, identifying ways for analysing the data and finally highlighting the limitations for your research process.

Section 1
A concise introduction (about 300 words) highlighting the background to your research project (consistently quoting the references used  Harvard Style.

Section 2
Research Design (no more than 700 words)

” Theoretical framework  a diagram depicting the research variables and the proposed relationship(s) between the variables.

” From the theoretical framework, you need:
o To develop a methodology that will be the basis for your research design. Methodology steps should be clearly stated and justified.
o To describe how you experimentally manipulate or theoretically measure (operationalise) your research variables.

” Data collection  Choose and justify a data collection technique.

” Study limitations should be explicitly expressed.