Limate change ( essay and presentation )

This is the question for the essay and the presentation :
To what extent is climate change a man-made problem, and suggest solutions for the prevention of climate change.
What you have to do : first of all do outline for essay which you can attach above and see what is it .
Secondly , you have to write 1500 words for the essay and use sources from 15 to 20 because my tutor told me that if you use more research and show me this will give you the mark . use Harvard style each paragraph you had taken from anywhere put the references at the end and at the end of the essay put the list of references .
For the presentation I want to have about 9-10 slide in the same topic however for the references not like the essay 20 no from 8 to 12
Same Harvard style and same topic .
Please dear note that : I am on foundation year and this is my final essay please dear do your best as much as you can and follow the roles exactly without add anything alse or miss anything .you can see the roles attach above.

Many thinks dear.