Limate change impacts on local food production (Shrimp farming) in Nha Trang , Vietnam.

in all cases, the aim is to support the long-term sustainability of the particular industry or development through the provision of a sound monitoring and assessment approach and methodology. For the sake of this exercise, all of the a?proposeda? developments have been approved and will go ahead a the issue is to ensure that any impacts are assessed and monitored so that adaptive management can do its work over time.research project uses a hypothetical situation as the basis for defining an assessment and monitoring program. To produce the final product you will need to investigate the situation to be monitored so that you are able to sufficiently understand, and define, what the major interacting aspects are, and how these will encapsulated within your final program. To this end, the actual locations chosen for the respective hypotheticalas are all real, and so you are able to investigate them by internet and other research means.

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Climate change impacts on local food production in Nah Trang , Vietnam.
Nah Trang sits within a coastal province in south central Vietnam with an area of 3352.27 km2, coastline of 105km and annual rainfall of 600mm. The lack of alternative livelihoods in the rural regions, together with the abundance of cheap unused land, free access to groundwater,
Low labour costs and favourable climate are the ideal conditions for shrimp farming. Local development of shrimp farming has lead to it being a major source of income and employment among the local communities.
Given its coastal location and potential sensitivity to factors such as rainfall and temperature regimes, climate change is seen as a potential threat to the shrimp farm industry. In this case, monitoring of potential impacts is seen as being key to the sustainability of both the industry and the communities it supports