Limate change in Latin America and the caribbean (Could include central & south mexico, etc)

Your individual research paper consists of two major components. First, you need to develop a regional or country-level report card, the result of your evaluation of current environmental issues within your topic area and the regions progress in dealing with them. Second, you must present a set of practical solutions or approaches that, in your estimation, will help to address these environmental problems.

The primary focus should be on solutions. Whether they be at the community, national or regional level, whether they are driven by individuals, government and/or business, explore the possibilities of getting us out of this ecological horror show that is our contemporary global environment!

Ad Hoc Assessment: This type of assessment is relatively unstructured and often intuitive approach but set out in a logical and coherent manner& it takes advantage of the knowledge that you have accumulated by examining (1) the environmental issue in general; (2) the particular regional context in which the impacts are or have been occuring; and (3) the relative successes and/or failures of various remediation strategies.

Network Analysis: Here you try to analyze first, second and third order impacts rather than just examining the immediate environmental problem and specific solutions. For example, a first order impact of deforestation may be the local extinction of an animal or bird species because of habitat loss; a second order impact may be the stress on animals or humans that rely on the affected species for their food source; and a third order impact might be the shift of the prey species to anohter food source such as a village dump or the actual displacement or migration of a population away from the affected region entirely.

The analysis begins with a matrix-like assessment of possible impacts but requires speculation on the part of the researcher regarding second and third order consequences of the first order impact.
Hybrid MLA

WHATEVER SOURCES OF INFORMATION ARE USED, THEY MUST BE BOTH CREDIBLE AND VERIFIABLE. IN OTHER WORDS, IT IS THE STUDENTS RESPONSIBILITY TO INCLUDE REFERENCES THAT ARE SUBSTANTIVE AND RELEVANT, AND TO ACCURATELY SOURCE THEM IN THE ESSAY AND THE BIBLIOGRAPHY, AND TO ENSURE THAT THEY CAN BE TRACED BY THE INSTRUCTOR. If the instructor cant locate some or all of the sources anywhere, or if students cant verify their sources as being part of their research material, it will be concluded that the essay has been plagiarized!