Limates for Learning for Diverse Learners

Question: Consider the situations of Pon and Aracel. In a detailed response, explain how a teacher would help these students. What would they need to do to create a positive learning climate for these diverse learners?

This does not need to be in APA format, but quality writing is expected. Although, if you do use any sources, please cite them in accordance with APA format. I will upload some lecture information to help respond to this accordingly. Please answer in approximately 250 words.

Consider these students:

a? Pon, a fourth grader, has behavior problems and learning problems in school. Teachers wonder if the problems he is experiencing can be attributed in part to cultural and linguistic differences that set him apart from most of this peers. How can Pons teachers help him feel a greater sense of belonging?

a? Araceli, a Mexican immigrant, spoke only Spanish when she began school. By the eighth grade, she has learned to read in Spanish, but reads in English at a second-grade level. How can Aracelis teachers provide emotional support and enhance her self-esteem?