Limatic change in Yosemite National Park

The Assignment:
Using information from at least 5 peer reviewed journal articles, discuss the implications of
inter-annual variability and/or climate change on this place and associated phenomena or systems.
Length: 5 pages of text (1-inch margins, 12-point Times New Roman or Arial). No limit to number of
Scope: topic must be constrained enough to meet the brevity specification, but complex enough to
satisfy a requirement of actually being relevant.
Brevity: Your writing must be concise and clear. The page limitation requires that you get your
ideas and information across efficiently.
Sources: All peer-reviewed. May be closely related, but not all 1 sole author. Non-peer reviewed
information may be cited or used in description of the Place.
Grading: Papers will be evaluated based upon:
Written Clarity: Does the paper concisely and logically present the site, phenomena, and technical
and/or quantitative details to form a cogent narrative?
Scope Coverage: Does the paper address the scope set forth at the outset? If relevant components
are left out, is their absence well explained?
Source Depth/Quality: Is there some sense that sources and information is well researched?
Students will likely need to gather a pool of information, and then filter several articles for relevance
or comprehensiveness. Are the citations consistent?
Please make the following the topic
My topic will be climate change in Yosemite National Park. I will focus primarily on the effects of fires and snowpack conditions and how they effect the current conditions of Yosemite National Park. Too, many articles focus on future projections of the effects on the above mentioned variables. This leads me to discuss the possible future projections and the benefits or harms that may arise.
I will upload the sources to be used for you along with the reference page.

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Here are the references.
Thank you.

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This is the reference page already completed unless you would like to make additions.