Liminating the Home Mortgage Tax Deduction

You are a newly elected Congressman from Pennsylvania. In order to cut the budget, you are hot on the path to eliminating the tax deduction for home mortgage interest paid. Itas difficult for you to accept that individuals who cannot buy a home donat get a related tax break for their rent. Many of your colleagues, whether they agree or not, receive funds from the banking and real estate industries. They think there has to be a better way to raise revenues. And, they would like to be re-elected in a couple of years.
There are several guides to developing this plan. They include using information from relevant associations, industry groups/unions, proprietary sources, and government sources. Please follow the instructions below regarding your project:
a? Due Wednesday, April 18, 2012 at 5:00 p.m. Eastern time
a? Filename: CSR_344_Project_2-3_LastName_FirstName
a? Upload to the Blackboard system
a? Use Microsoft Word
a? 1.25a? margins all around
a? 1.5 line spacing
a? Cover page with your name and email address on it
a? Page limit: 12 pages
a? May use bullets when appropriate
Please make a plan for negotiating such a deal.
Be sure to address the following (these are starting points, I expect more of a top-notch, a?Aa? project):
Facts regarding the home mortgage deduction and tax revenues
Background information
History of the tax deduction
History of the residential housing market
Leader of the realty and mortgage industries
Relevant congressional leaders
Goals of the two parties
Interests of the parties (at least two, could be more)
Issues likely to arise
Resistance Points/Alternatives/BATNAs
Persuasive arguments of the parties, including negotiating and closing techniques
Negotiation Process (timetable with at least 3 meetings, locations, agenda for each session, parties in attendance, etc.)