Linic for high risk, low income patients in San Francisco

1. For the Final Course Paper you are asked to choose a primary care or chronic care program to be instituted at an existing health care institution. This can be an existing acute or ambulatory setting. Feel free to be creative in designing a program to support a particular population of the community where you live. Incorporate a SWOT analysis to support your rationales. You may use the SWOT form provided; but this is not mandatory.
2. Follow these instructions for writing your Community Primary Care Services paper. Keep the paper within a 10 page limit (excluding title page, abstract, Excel spread sheets, and reference list). Although the spreadsheets are important to the paper, the paper should include clear and well supported explanations and rationales of the process you utilized to plan this new community primary care service.

(I would like to For my individual assignment I will be focusing on the low income, high risk population of San Francisco, CA. It will be an outpatient, general health clinic open 24-7, non-emergency services, provides general check ups, follow up appointments, and patient education classes.
Demographics of population: Low income, Middle Class, Working Class, age 30-65. This patient population is more likely to not seek medical treatment or evaluation due to age, income, inability to call in sick and loose $$, more likely to spread illness/disease bc they donat seek treatment, increased mortality due to not seeking medical treatment/evaluation early, no health insurance, no vaccines, no early screening for Hepatitis, HIV, STDs etc., education level is lower, understanding illness/disease prevention,
This service will allow low income middle class to have access to healthcare that will keep the healthy and working without using emergency services that are already impacted at the San Francisco City and County Hospital. This clinic will be available for residents of this community only (High risk population)
Our institution has 4 different campuses, the other 3 campuses are near very affuluent neighborhoods, but one of the campus was acquired 5 years ago and is near high risk, low income neighborhoods. This clinic will be an extension to that campus and will be housed there for follow ups for this population. This certain hospital is not only getting the support from the other 3 hospitals in that insititution but also the city helps with the funding and planning for it due to the fact that it is one of the only hospitals that can cater to this population.)

Consider the purpose and necessity for nurse leaders to focus on the concept of population health as the future of health care. The spotlight is on nursing to develop and be the major player in primary care. You are to develop this project as if you are the masters prepared nurse director for this new initiative.
Project Criteria
1. Community Care Service Overview (20 points)
A. Identify the type of program you are proposing and the city and state where it will be located.
B. Describe:
i. The demographics of the population to be served
ii. The health care need the proposed health care service will address.
iii. The purpose of the proposed health care service.
iv. The rational for the proposed health care service and how the proposed service will serve to enhance the health of the community.
2. Perform a comprehensive SWOT analysis of the market for the proposed health care service using the SWOT tool provided. (30 points)
. Provide a comprehensive discussion of each part of the SWOT analysis
a. Analysis includes discussion and recommendations / identified opportunities for improvement
b. Rationales are supported by literature
3. Prepare a comprehensive business plan which includes: (30 points)
. a 3 year operating budget using an Excel spread sheet which is appropriate to determine return on investment.
a. Mission, Vision, and Goal Statements
o Provides a mission statement that is pertinent and includes the purpose or reason of the proposed service
o Values are reflective of the proposed service and provide a foundation for the proposed service.
o Goals including measurable objectives to be achieved by the project/business.
4. Describe the role of nursing within this health care service including: (10 points)
. Direct care roles such as staff nurse, nurse practitioners, etc.
a. Administrative roles
b. The value of nursing to the proposed program
5. Scholarly Writing: The presentation and style of the paper are consistent with scholarly work and reflect use of APA format. (10 points)
As part of your learning experience, you are provided access to a plagiarism prevention service called Turnitin. Using Turnitin serves as a learning experience and opportunity to correct any areas in your homework paper involving plagiarism or improper citation.