Linic Observation: Reflection of Learning (Pediatric)

Clinic Observation: Reflection of Learning (Pediatric)
Please complete this assignment after your observation day/s and drop into the appropriate drop box within one week after the observation experience. It is expected that you will use professional resources and site them properly using APA format (site them at the end of the question that you answered). This assignment is worth 25 points.
1. Describe the use of three verbal communication techniques that you used or observed being used. (2 points)
2. Describe the use of three non-verbal communication techniques that you used or observed. (2 points)
3. Identify three roadblocks to communication that you observed during your observation. These should be related to patient care. An example could be providing care to a client who does not speak the same language. (2 points)
4. Describe three techniques that may enhance therapeutic interaction. (2 points)
5. Describe behavior that you observed that indicated a clientas emotional status. ( 2 points)
6. How did the nurse encourage disclosure of feelings for a client/family in a safe manner? (2 points)
7. How might culture and values relate to healthcare? Relate this question to a specific client and research that culture to answer this question. (5 points)
8. Compare and contrast a specific clientas stage of psychosocial development with Erik Eriksonas stages of development. (2 points)
9. What supportive interactions and modifications promoted social interactions and social development? (2 points)
10. What data is collected (or would you collect) to determine risks to the clientas physical and psychological safety and comfort? (2 points)
11. How was rapport established to provide safety and comfort? (2 points)

Use at least 2 professional sources using evidenced based practice and citation. No use of Wikipedia is allowed.

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