Linical Decision Defence Poster in Paramedics area

This order is Clinical Decision Defence Poster in Paramedics area.

Your task is to defend the practice, based on peer reviewed evidence.

Your argument should include the following headings:

o Introduction
o Description of the intervention, procedure or practice
o Benefits: evidence supporting
o Disadvantages: evidence against
o Conclusion
o References

One of the major challenges of this assignment is being able to present information in a succinct and eye catching style. You will not have much room to lengthy discussions. Graphics may help support your argument and are encouraged (a picture says a thousand words).

a? You will be marked according to:
o Effective defining of the issue
o Valid scientific discussion
o strength of your justification
o Effective use of graphics
o Logical conclusion

1please make sure to writer in poster_template 500 to 600 words limit.
2please address all requirement
3copypaste not allow
4use good books references not old than 8 years
5APA references standed