Explain how the Clinical Decision Support System [CDSS] in addition to several of its beneficial outcome in patient care is also resulting medical errors. Please provide sufficient statistics in your discussion along with the source of information.

1. Explain how the Role-based CDSS Alert system in the clinical practice results in medical errors in addition to its several beneficial outcomes and how these errors can be prevented. [For example, various hospitals set different priority for same roles. For example, physician will have certain alerts active in some places and passive in other hospital deployments. Residents and fellows have different alerts that are exception to physicians but have the equal security profile in the system to provide patient care. A nurse will have different set of alerts in the system.]

2. Errors caused due to Clinical Acceptance of the system a Explain with statistics and data source. [Some notes Clinical Acceptance of the system Another source of contention with many medical support systems produces mass amounts of alert. When systems produce high volume of warnings (especially those that do not require escalation), aside from the annoyance, clinicians may pay less attention to warnings, causing potentially critical alerts to be missed.]

3. Inclination to focus only on functional decision Because different CDSSs serve different purposes, there is no generic metric which applies to all such systems;

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