Linical Leadership and Change Management

This essay needs to be about a specific change that I can introduce to my colleagues and management/organisation; the change that I would like to make is to reduce the size of kit bags that we carry within the Ambulance service on the fast response vehicle, I am currently a paramedic and work on these vehicles. This change would aid staff by reducing injury, reduce sickness, improve patient care, as more resources will be available.
please find enclosed the learning outcomes for this essay:

Learning Outcomes*:
On successful completion of the module students will be able to:

Knowledge and Understanding

a) Define the term leadership and differentiate between leadership and management in pre hospital care.

b)Identify and explain key leadership styles.

c)Discuss the characteristics of an effective leader in pre hospital care.

Subject specific Skills

d)Discuss the role of leadership in change management.

e)Recognise how a?valuesa are related to leadership.

f)Discuss how to promote effective team working as a leader.

g)Identify causes of conflict in a team and the role of the leader in managing conflict.

Key Skills

h)Demonstrate effective communication skills with colleagues

i)Analyse and relate current national and organisational policies to ones own practice (learning to learn).
Reading List for Module PSC 2011 Clinical Leadership for Pre Hospital Care


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