Linical Quality Improvement Literature Research

Assignment: Perform a literature search on clinical quality management (clinical quality improvement or clinical performance improvement) for articles presenting actual clinical QI studies performed in a healthcare facility. Select an article about a QI study performed to present and discuss the problem or process the study sought to improve. In your presentation, include as many of the following elements regarding the QI study performed
a? The problem or risk identified
a? Why the topic was chosen to study
a? Current method or process of performance
a? Alternative methods of improvement considered
a? Select alternative to implement
a? Implementation
a? Monitoring or follow-up of the results
Objective: The purpose of the assignment is to research, analyze and explain how statistics is used in reporting quality improvement (QI).
Content: The report must contain:

a? Title page containing course name, course number, project name, student name and date due.

a? An introduction explaining article on clinical quality improvement and what statistical data was collected to report findings.

a? The body of the project should contain the problems or risk identified, why the topic was chosen.

a? A separate conclusion page with analysis of information presented in the literature and what you learned in your research.

a? Finally, there should be a list of the resources used to compile report information. Each entry should be specific as to source, author, date, publisher or web location. URLs should be both the URL to the home page and the direct URL to the webpage containing the data. The Reference List must be in APA Format.