Literature Review, An Examination of Some Current Financial Issue OR A Case Study

I would like to receive a proposal for the project to ensure that the choice of topic is sensible and accepted by the University (about 150-A­a?300 words should be sufficient and should also include a fully comprehensive and up to date list of references) within first 3 days. Then I will have to approve it in my university and only after that we will continue with all the other order.

Presentation/Layout of Research Projects
General Layout
Table of Contents
Table and Figures
Title Page/Front Cover
Citation and References
Example of Layout of Title Page/Front Cover
Project 3: A Literature Review, An Examination of Some Current Financial Issue OR A Case Study
The third project can take a number of forms:

a? a survey of the literature on any topic from the area of finance, for example, the current status of the Black and Scholes model in light of the theoretical developments and empirical work over the last thirty years (this should not be written in the form of a textbook chapter but more in line with a survey such as Vishny and Shleiferas article on Corporate Governance);
a? a review of some development in the financial world, such as the currency crisis in South East Asia in
the late 1990as or the sub-A­a?prime crisis(!);
a? a case study on a topic such as the financing of the Eurotunnel or the privitisation of public sector
companies in a particular country.
A literature survey requires a discussion of the major studies on the chosen topic. It should not be written in the same way as a textbook chapter, focusing on the exposition of the basic analysis, but discuss the critical developments in the analysis, the problems in developing an understanding of the issues and how these have been addressed, the different positions taken on controversial issues, and unresolved questions. It is generally more interesting to focus on an unsettled topic, dealing with issues that are not fully understood and one that has generated some disagreement in the academic literature. Topics such as capital budgeting offer little scope for projects of this character! You should demonstrate your knowledge and appreciation of the literature in the area, your understanding of the relevant financial theory, and your ability to put the various contributions into context. An analytical approach, demonstrating your ability to critically appraise the literature is essential.
The second type of project could deal with issues such as the IMFas structural adjustment programmes, the private financial initiative in the UK, the regulation of banks, privatisation programmes, and more narrowly defined topics such as the use of convertibles in financing companies. The list is endless! The topic should, however, be one that has generated some interest in the academic literature. Given the time constraints for completing the work it is very risky to choose some recent development that has not yet been the subject of any academic discussion. Coverage in the financial press alone is not likely to provide an adequate basis for such a project. In addition to providing a discussion of the relevant literature you are likely to present and interpret data relating to the issue or development.
The third type of project is one that focuses on a more specific example or case study. The case should provide opportunities for the use of financial theory and analysis in the interpretation of the issues being considered. Possible topics, specified for illustration purposes, include the Royal Bank of Scotlandas takover of NatWest, the BT rights issue, the rise and potential recovery of fall of Marks and Spencer, the privatisation of the Tanzanian Brewery Company(!) and the privatisation of British Rail. All of these topics can be addressed using analysis developed in the course, e.g. mergers theory, valuation theory, and there may also be official reports, documents, and coverage in the financial press that is relevant. You have to make sure that you can access the information you require, this is one of your responsibilities, before starting on the topic.

You are required to submit a proposal for the third project to ensure that your choice of topic is sensible (about 150-A­a?300 words should be sufficient and should also include a fully comprehensive and up to date list of references). This should be emailed with Barbara Baillie any time before 22nd February 2011. You will not be allowed to proceed with your third project until your topic has been approved.
1. General Layout
You must use a word processing package, eg. Word, Wordperfect. The project report must be typed
on A4 paper, on one side of the paper, leaving margins as follows:
Top 20mm Right hand 25mm
Bottom 40mm Left hand 40mm

The typescript must be 12.0 font and spaced 1.5 lines apart. All pages and text should be numbered in the centre at the bottom of each page. All paragraphs should be justified at both sides. All projects have to be run through the spell and grammar checks.

2. Table of Contents
A Table of Contents must be provided at the beginning of each project.
A Table of Contents is essential and serves to provide the reader with a framework of the dissertation. Normally only major headings from the text are listed, but if the report is long or its structure complex it may be felt desirable to incorporate subheadings. The headings or subheadings listed in the Table must be worded exactly as they appear in the body of the text.
Appendices (if any) are treated as part of the text for this purpose, and should be listed in Table of Contents.
3. Tables and Figures
All tables and figures should be numbered as follows:
Table 1.1 Table 1.2 etc
Figure 1.1 Figure 1.2 etc.

4. Title Page/Front Cover
Table 2.1 Table 2.2 etc Figure 2.1 Figure 2.2 etc.
5. Abstract

The title page should be immediately followed by an Abstract (not more than 300 words) giving a
precis of the nature and scope of the project.