Literature) The Spectator (by Addison and Steele) and its imitations in France and Italy

Dear Sirs,
I am having problems with my PhD introduction: I am doing a PhD on The Spectator by Addison and Steele and its imitations in France and Italy. My tutors gave me some suggestions which I copy here so that you can better understand what I need:
Your problem is the lack of recent English criticism.Understandably you have drawn on Italian criticism but where you use English sources these tend to be quite old (e.g. Priestley that you quote).Since your thesis is to be presented for a Phd in English and via an English university, you do need to show that you are up to date with English (the language not the country) criticism as well as Italian. When discussing or referring to critics you do also need to engage with what the critics say as well as simply mentioning that they exist.
You do need to justify your claim to be advancing the state of knowledge, and to do that you have to show that you are aware of the state of knowledge on the topic of periodicals in the eighteenth century. This means looking more broadly at work on periodicals and on the public sphere (as it has come to be called since Habermas) not just at work on individual authors”.

Do I have to send the writer the introduction
I wrote so he-she can have an idea of what I have written and why it was wrong?
Thank you a lto for any help you can give me