Lizabeth Bishops Life experiences incorporated in her literary works

Write an essay about Elizabeth Bishops grief and loss how it inspired her literary works. Bishop used these feelings of isolation and devastation to connect with her audience. Tragedy and alienation have been the inspiration for Bishopas literary works. Her feelings of loss and loneliness as a child and as an adult have motivated her to create realistic scenarios that her audience can relate to. Please use the story In the Village,and the poems Sestina,and The Prodigal,to explain her life experiences inspiring her to write these poems and story and its true meaning behind them. Please use quotations and cite. Also use articles In the Village in the New Yorker,by Fiona Green, A Daughters Response: Elizabeth Bishop and Nature,by Robin Riley Fast, and The Prodigal: Elizabeth Bishop and Alcoholto explain her life experiences in relation to the poems and how it inspired her to write the poems. Please quotations and cite. Please include a works cited or bibliograpy page with the completed essay. The poems, the story and the articles are the only sources that can be used for this essay. No other outside sources can be used.