Lkindas adolescent egocentrism & Peer Pressure

Please answer the two following questions in about 100-150 words each. Please use at least on source for each question. They can be the same or different sources, and need to be cited in APA format. No cover page or abstract needed. Please answer these questions separately. This should show graduate level writing.

Question 1
Compare and contrast the three components of Elkindas adolescent egocentrism: 1) imaginary audience, 2) personal fable, and 3) foundling fantasy with Piagetas formal operational thought. Discuss both cognitive and physical changes that occur during these stages.

Question 2
Adolescents sometimes succumb to peer pressure and participate in at-risk behaviors. Speculate on reasons that peer pressure can lead an adolescent to participate in harmful behaviors. What can adults do to reduce the likelihood of adolescents succumbing to peer pressure and participating in these harmful behaviors? What is the responsibility of organizations (schools, churches) to reduce negative peer pressure?