Ll frome the book (There Are No Children Here) one sourse

Combine the narrative review with the character assessment into a 4 page paper including the following:

Narrative Review (Approximately 2 pages) Give a detailed description of how the book impacted you on a personal level. THIS IS NOT A BOOK SUMMARY OR AN ENGLISH PAPER. Use literary examples to discuss an issue that relates to your personal life, values, beliefs, or passions.

Character Assessment (Approximately 2 pages) i?? Pick a character and discuss how his/her actions, thoughts, etc affect you in a personal way. Example: i??Kids like Pharoah give me hope that it is possible to overcome adversity and negative circumstances and become who you want to bei?? or i??I cried and cried.i?? Use excerpts from There Are No Children Here to support your views.

Just from the book (There are no children here)

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