Ll Immigrants need better support programs for cultural transition in the United States

Title should be centered Cultural Transition
The purpose of the essay assignment is to prove my position with supported evidence and examples from the book The Spirit Catches You And You Fall Down:A Hmong Child, Her American Doctors And The Collision of Two Cultures Author Anne Fadiman.
The supported evidence should also include outside sources. Minimum 2 online only sources, 3 from print sources newspaper articles, other books on Hmong Culture or academic journal articles. The book itself counts as one source.
The thesis should appear on the first page underlined All Immigrants need better support programs for the cultural transition in United States.
Address and acknowledge one or two counter arguments limit to one paragraph.
Body paragraphs should begin with one simple clear topic sentence. One significant fact, analalogy, assumptions or quote from the book and additional research. Then an explaination in detail. The last sentence should sum up the topic of each paragraph. Use simple languageclear and to the point.Pay close attention to grammar transition, verb forms and paragraph breaks.
conclusion should include further directions. how society could benefit.
Use emphatic language. This is an argument and the position is meant to be strong.
Do not use the word I or you feel. Use one, they,we people, feel.
provide Works Cited page. Follow MLA Documentation with close attention to spacing double, underlining and punctuation for both Works Cited page and in text citations.