Ll literary practices contain creative elements Discuss.

For this TMA, you need to make close reference to some of the ideas and theories in The art of english: everyday creativity. There are many examples of everyday texts in here which you can usefully draw on in your work; you may also bring in your own examples if you wish. You should avoid simply listing creative elements and literacy practices, but should construct your answer as a fluent, logical and coherent discussion. This is the assignment that consolidates what you have learned about everyday creativity in the art of English: everyday creativity. Key source material for this traditional essay-based question can be found in a variety of places in the first course book. Chapters 7-9 are very important in consolidating your understanding of literary practices and how creativity can be identified in them. Chapter 6 of Language and Creativity, by Ronald Carter, might also prove helpful. While your answer should reflect learning from Part 1 of the course, you can also make use of your own language data where appropriate.


The art of English: everyday creativity
edited by Janet Maybin and Joan Swann


Carter, R Language and Creativity: The Art of Common Talk 9780415234498 Routledge