Ll online research for Religions with Philosophy to be completed with five pages.

All online research for Religions with Philosophy to be completed with five pages. Please use these instructions all research is to be done online. Please return the completed paper word doc. Thanks


A) For Socrates, what is true knowledge/wisdom?

B) Should Socrates be tried of any crime? Does he pose a threat to the Athenian way of life because of his radical ideas? Do you believe he deserves the death penalty (completely explain your position)?

C) What are the official charges brought against Socrates and how does he combat them in the Defense? Why does Socrates not fear death?

D) Explicate the allegory of the cave. Why is it important? Do you agree with the conclusion that Socrates draws from this allegory (completely explain your position)?


A) What is Descartesa one main example of why we should doubt our senses?

B) What three things does Descartes doubt and why does he doubt them?

C) Explicate the wax example and how it relates to the one thing Descartes knows for certain. What are the two categories of qualities for material objects? Give examples of each. Include in your answer how these two categories relate to Cartesian Dualism.

D) Why, according to Descartes, would denying God be a contradiction? What is the difference between imagination and intellect? Give an example to illustrate the difference.


A) Why is religion a momentous option according to James, and why does James say we should believe in god? Do you believe that he is correct? Why or why not?

B) Aquinas begins his article by stating two objections for the existence of God. What are these objections and how does he respond to each? Explicate Aquinasa proofs for Gods existence.

C) Explicate Cliffords ship example. Do you believe that the ship owner is guilty (completely explain your answer)? According to Clifford, how do we know whether something is right or wrong? Do you agree with him (completely explain your answer)?

D) Explicate Kuhns notion of paradigm and how a paradigm can shift. How is a scientific revolution similar to a political revolution? How are they different?


A) It first, Islam and Democracy seem at odds. Why? What is the basic way in which they conflict? How does Fadl solve this? What are the three values that are important to Islam? Do you believe that Fadl gives a convincing case for the joining of Islam and Democracy? Why or Why not?

B) According to hooks, why are feminists living a contradiction? Why has the feminist movement not be entirely successful? What does hooks believe is missing from the discussion of racism?

C) According to West, there is a crisis in the black community of America. What two factors make up this crisis and what is the cause of this crisis? Do you agree with West? According to West, what two things will destroy American Democracy and why?

D) Why is terrorism immoral according to Bar On? Do you agree? Why or Why not? What is the difference between the terrorized and the terrorists according to Bar On? Do you agree? Why or Why not?


A) List and explain all ten principles needed to destroy capitalism.

B) Do you believe that humans are free to choose their actions? Use one of the philosophers we have studied to support your position.

C) How does Sartre define the following terms: anguish, forlornness and despair? Include in your answer a concrete example of each.

D) Explicate the following examples: the garden, the lunatic, and the patriot/stranger. What is the point that each of these examples are trying to make? Which do you think is the most convincing and why?