Ll parents should attend government parenting classes

1. Write an argumentative essay (of between 1300 1,500 words) discussing the topic that you have randomly drawn from the list below.
2. You must follow one of the three argumentative essay formats that have been taught in class. Your arguments will be stronger if you support your opinions with facts, examples, and appropriate quotations. You must also refute possible counter arguments.
3. Your thesis statement must be in the following format: Although (con argument), (your stand) because (3 pro arguments).
4. The Harvard System should be used for in-text referencing and your bibliography. Your bibliography should list at least five different sources.
5. You are expected to research, find, print and read articles from reliable sources related to your topic and use them as well as any other materials you might find to support your arguments and inform your essay.

o Whichever topic you draw, you must be clear on whether you agree or disagree with the statement.
o Your stand must be very clear in your opening paragraph, and the arguments in your body paragraphs must be linked to this stand so as to strengthen your case.
o A counter argument consisting of one or more con arguments is required.
i § you are using the Pro+Pro+Pro+Con , the counter argument must be refuted in the same paragraph
that it is stated. Therefore, your essay will consist of six paragraphs.
your essay will consist of five paragraphs.