Ll parents should teach or have their children take swimming lessons

write a researched argumentative essay

-at least 3 full pages
-works cited page with 5 or 6 sources
-proper MLA format

Follow this outline:
I. Introductionintroduce the problem or topic; introduce thesis
II. Writers Sidegive side, plus reason/evidence to support argument
III. Counter Argumentsgive counter arguments against side; then provide rebuttal
IV. Conclusionimplications of argument, summary of points, etc.

Research Paper instructions Format

-Follow all MLA guidelines for formal essays
-Margins should be 1all around
-Paragraphs should be indented 1/2 inch
-double space entire essay
-use 12 times new roman font
-MLA heading
-Title should be centered, double spaced after heading, and short as possible
-provide header with page numbers

Formal Writing

-use 3rd person
-do not use contractions
-use words for numerals
-avoid these words thing, a lot, nice, very, really
-avoid linking verbs. use strong verbs
-do not use slang
-avoid clichA┬ęs
-avoid simplistic transitions such as first, second, third, lastly, in conclusion.