Ll Quiet On the Western Front AssignmentClose Reading

For this paper, you will perform a CLOSE READING of a passage (of your choice) from All Quiet on the Western Front. In doing the close reading, you must do the following:
First, identify the interesting linguistic features of the passage, This can include, but is not limited to:
a. literary devices(simile, metaphor, personification, parallelism, and many more)
b. syntax(word order)
c. diction(word choice)
d. connections between forms of words (similarities in adjectives, contrasts in verbs, and so forth)
e. anything else you find relevant
Second, explain how those interesting linguistic features of the passage illuminate a greater idea. In other words, how does the author use these linguistic features to convey his idea or point? This idea may be one of the major ideas of the text (theme) or a smaller idea that is emphasized in that particular chapter or section of the book.

1. Please use correct MLA citations. Please mention the authoras name in the introduction. Please ONLY use quotes from the book. DO NOT USE ANY ADDITIONAL SOURCE!!
2. The paper should feature many short quotes. This is typical for a close reading. Under no circumstances should this paper feature any double-indented quotes.