Ll style and no substance”: Is this a fair verdict on the idea and the practice of New Labour?

The essay must be fully referenced and obviously no plagarism. It will count towards my end of year mark, but as the standard is Guaranteed 2:1 I dont need to say that it needs to be good! It musnt be too much more than 1,500 words. The references dont count towards the word count.
Must reference:
Fielding, Steven (2002) The Labour Party: Continuity and Change in the Making of New Labour(Basingstoke: Palgrave).
Driver, Stephen and Martell, Luke (2006) New Labour(Cambridge: Polity).

and preferably one or both of:
Chadwick, Andrew and Heffernan, Richard (2003) The New Labour Reader(Cambridge: Polity).
Cronin, James (2004) New Labours Pasts: The Labour Party and Its Discontents (Pearson).

Given Background reading:
Driver, Stephen and Martell, Luke (1998) Blairs Britainchapters 1,2 and conclusion (Cambridge: Polity Press).
Rubenstein, David (2005) The Labour Party and British Society: 1880-2005(Brighton: Sussex Academic Press).