Ll the questions will be written below. Each question should answer in 5 main points.

1 What is staff turnover?

2 What is the difference between internal and external turnover?

3 Why does the hospitality industry have a high turnover? Please give 4 reasons, and explain each one.

4 What techniques or tools could an organization implement in order to try and reduce their turnover rate?

5 Why is a high retention rate, important to the success of an organization?

6 List 2 direct and indirect costs involved in staff turnover?

7 Explain the difference between voluntary and involuntary turnover?

8 What is the difference between performance management and appraisal?

9 Why is performance management important?

10 Describe the steps involved in formally managing an employees performance.

11 Why is it important to keep all employees documentation on file?

12 When should performance appraisals be undertaken?

13 Describe 2 different formats of performance appraisals (360 degree and self evaluation), and evaluate the effectiveness of both

14 What aspects of HR are linked to performance appraisals?

15 What aspects of HR are linked to performance management?

16 Comment on some aspects that could influence the effectiveness of performance appraisals, how could you prevent this?

17 What is the difference between training and development?

18 What are the difference forms of training?

19 List 5 benefits of training to an organization and explain each one?

20 Explain how the training cycle works

21 What are the main challenges that the training and development department face? List 4

22 Why is a personal development plan, an important aspect of training and development?

23 How does performance appraisals link to training and development?

24 What is MBO and is it effective?

25 What areas of HR are linked to training and development, explain how each one is interlinked?

26 What is strategic Human Resource Management?

27 Please give an example of one internal and external factor and how this affects the HR policies?

28 What are the 5 stages of recruitment and selection process?

29 Outline the costs to a business of a poor selection and recruitment process? List 5

30 Why do we perform a job analysis? List 5

31 What should be included in a job description? (Why is it so important)

21 What makes an effective interview? List 5

22 List 5 reasons of why are some interviewers ineffective in selecting the right candidate?

23 What is 3 different types of interview questions and outline when each one should be used. Give an example of 3 different types of interview questions

24 Which do you believe to be the most effective type of interview questions and why?

25 What are the pros/cons of different types of recruitmentinternal/external?

26 What is the different between leader and manager?

27 Explain intrinsic and extrinsic. Give example

28 What is diversity management is important in HR?

29 What is legislation affecting workplace diversity?

30 The important of employee engagement

31 Difference between HRM and Strategic HRM/ different legal legislation that the HRM department needs to comply with.

Please note that you dont need to referencing. Just answer these questions in ordered. Thanks