Ll These Thing That Ive Done(Song) by The Killers, critical analysis. Needs to connect to some aspect of identity.

Assignment: 4-5 page critical analysis of song (All These Things That I ve Done by The Killers). Content Requirements: This assignment synthesizes description, observation, reflection, and analysis skills.

I am to select a song that has impacted my identity in a significant way, or that I feel connects with some aspect of  Identity . The essay is NOT autobiographical; nor is it an explication of the song (as in,  literary analysis searching for symbols etc.) The critical analysis of the song should analyze and discuss the song and its connection to  identity.
” Opening paragraph should introduce the song title and artist, and should outline the  identity connection that s being made.
” Each body paragraph should include description and observation * Each body paragraph should include 2 direct quotes or 1 quote and 1 paraphrase, cited, from the research materials. * The reflective commentary and reflective analysis should be substantial and sophisticated.
Research Requirements:
” Biographical source on the artists (writer and/or musician)
” Historical context information about the song (its place in history)
” 1 other source that contributes to  identity theme of your essay

No No s ” For this essay I am not be allowed to use first person point of view

Grading: ” 75% of this essay grade will focus on USE OF EXAMPLES

Readings connected to this assignment: (The 2nd-4th reading are all from  The Presence of Others 5th Ed. Text by Andrea A Lundsford & John J. Ruskiewicz) The connection is not a point of primary focus but a bonus, it s not necessary.
” Chapter 5, 6, 7 of Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer (The  characters along the way)
”  How it Feels to be Colored Me by Zora Neale Hurston (p. 416)
”  Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson (p. 492)
”  Ain t I A Woman by Sojourner Truth (p. 379)
” If you don t have the  Presence of Others text available, that s fine. The other aspects of the assignment are much more important. Also the number of sources doesn t really matter, whatever is necessary is fine. I would also like links to the source materials used. I would prefer online sources.

” There are various interpretations of this song but this one stood out to me, it made sense. I ve often found myself in the exact same position as the person (Brandon Flowers, lead singer) singing this song.

The interpretation of this song is simple: he is asking for help from God.

Line by line interpretation:
When theres nowhere else to run, is there room for one more son.asking if God can take him under his wing, the other son mention being Jesus.
You know, you know no, you dont, you dont.saying that God understands because he understands all, but in the same way doesnt understand because he has never experienced sin.
And my affection, well it comes and goes.his love for God comes and goes as he travels through life.
I need direction to perfection.obvious, since God is the only one without sin.
Yeah, oh dont you put me on the back burner.perhaps the line that proves this theory the most. The first meaning of putting someone on the back burner is to set it aside fo r later. It can also be interpreted to mean hell. He needs Gods help to absolve him of sin.
Of course, there are several ways to interpret perhaps the most famous line in the song:
I got soul, but Im not a soldier.
He is basically saying that he believes in God, and that he has faith, but he is not willing to fight, since he is unsure of how to do so.
” Important point: the goal is to hear the beat of the song with own words and not the actual lyrics of the song.