Ll women experience oppression in the same way. Drawing upon examples, critically evaluate this statement.

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Please follow essay plan that is attached below. (You can change the order of aspects but try to focus these topics, please.)

1) Introduction
1.1) Definition (* Is oppression really defined?)
1.2) History (*Short and relevant information)

2) Main body
2.1) a?All women experience oppression in the same way.a?
2.1.a.) Who are they? (Who are covered by a?All womena term?)
-Race: Black / White / Mixed
-Age: Child/ Young/ Adult / Elderly
-Gender: Straights/ Lesbians (*Add Feminist Approach as well!!)
-Ethnicity: Asian/ European/ Far eastern (Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese and Japan)

2.1.b) How they are treated a?In the Same waya: Methods of oppression!
Victimisation/ Pornography/ Rape/ Prostitution
2.1.c) What is the relation of oppression with women?
-Patriarchy/ Norms & Values/ Worth of women in the history *Forced marriage (see Gangoli and Chantler: a?Protecting victims of forced marriagea article)/ Domestic Labour
-Class differences between men & women/ Economic power of women
-Views of Religions: Islamic oppression & Christianity oppression
2.2) Experiences: Find examples of women who struggles oppression!
2.3.) What scholars told about oppression? (Their arguments should be included on every aspect)/ Eastern & Western Views/ Radical Feminism/ Black Feminism

3) Conclusion

I will send you some readings to use them in essay as well 🙂

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