Llegory of the Cave, Matrix, Cathedral, Slaughterhouse Five Questions/Short Essay

Briefly answer the following questions. Most questions can be answered fully in one to six sentences. (8 points each)

1. In The Allegory of the Cave, what does Socrates say will happen to the one who descends again and tries to release another prisoner? How does this relate to what happens to Socrates in The Apology, Crito, and Phaedo?
2. Explain the two types of blindness, the one that comes from ascending and the one that comes from descending again?
3. Using specific examples from the film, compare The Matrix to The Allegory of the Cave.
4. How does the narratoras experience in a?Cathedrala? relate to the prisonersa experience in The Allegory of the Cave? How has he been chained and in what way does he ascend at the end of the text?
5. Why do you think the narrator leaves his eyes closed at the end of a?Cathedrala??
6. What is Socratic Irony and how does this relate to a?Cathedrala??
7. In Slaughterhouse-Five how might Billy be compared to the one who ascends and descends again in The Allegory of the Cave? How does this relate to Billyas profession?
8. Why does Billy end his speeches a?Farewell, hello, farewell, helloa?? How do these words relate to Billyas death and to the Tralfamadorian concept of time?
9. Why do you think Billy is compared to Cinderella? Why is Dresden compared to Oz?
10. Explain the significance of Adam and Eve in the Slaughterhouse-Five. When and why do they appear in the text?